sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011

Are you in Europe? Want to buy great portuguese wines at a very competitive price? www.winefromportugal.com is the answer!

Hi everyone!

For the last months we've been cooperating with a very special team in UK from the website Wine from Portugal. The idea is to send very special wines from Portugal, selected by WFP and Vinixá teams, and send them everywhere in Europe, at a very competitive price. Many of these wines aren't even available in most of Europe countries, so we are talking about exclusive wines for you to taste, some of them real pearls!

So, if you want to taste different stuff, and (why not?) want to impress your friends, this is your chance to be a star! Try the website, place your order, sit back and relax while our team prepare and send you those precious nectar's...

We're expecting you... :-)

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