sábado, 18 de julho de 2009

Gomariz in USA... almost there!

As we have already informed earlier, Quinta de Gomariz is now preparing to send their first wines to Pennsylvannia and Utah, through our friend and importer Michael Grisley from PR Grisley Co. This has been a very demanding task from both sides of the Atlantic, but one that we are loving to do! Together with the Gomariz team, Vinixá is making all the arrangements to make the wines get to the USA with upmost quality.
We are all very excited about the business, because we all feel that these wines are going to be a huge success. We do want to build Quinta de Gomariz brand in the USA, and we are also planning a trip to help the importer and distributor´s to give everyone the chance to taste the wonderful Vinho Verde now beeing prepared to be shipped!

Soon we´ll have all the details on the places in USA where you can look for these wines, and of course we would love to have your opinion. The final consumer is our main concern, and we want to answer to all possible questions you may have!
Also soon, Quinta de Gomariz will be more close to everyone, as they are preparing with Vinixá´s help, their entry in the new social media tools, like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc... We believe that to be closer to our clients, we must be allways reachable, and this is something crucial!

So, soon we´ll have more news for USA wine lover´s, keep reading our blog and follow Vinixá at @vitormendes77 on twitter!

Have a nice weekend, and have some good wine!



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