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Annual Tasting of Portuguese Wines - London April 2010

Dear friends, sometimes our expectations are too high, and we get disapointed with the results, but when you are representing such fantastic wines like the Quinta de Gomariz ones, sometimes your expectations are exceeded! Thats what hapend this week at the Annual Tasting of Portuguese Wines, organized by Viniportugal, at the Lord´s Cricket Ground in London. More than 80 producers exhibited their wines during two day´s, the12nd and 13th April. The goal was to obviously promote portuguese wines, but also to help some of the newcomers, like us, to find an importer in this demanding but yet important market. Vinixá proudly represented Quinta de Gomariz in this event.
The first day was dedicated to the public, and during two and half hours it was amazing to see so many people trying to find out what has brought portuguese wines to the covers of many of the wine magazines and newspapers, and been giving critics and bloggers so much to talk about! Our table, the number 7, I have to say was very visited, and although I tryied to give everyone the maximum attention, sometimes it was impossible to pass all the information that is needed in this occasions. My experience tells me that it is very important to listen to the public oppinion, because in the end they are the ones that are buying our wines! Also we have allways to consider what the consumers look for in a wine, specially in a fresh and light wine as the Vinho Verde. I was very pleased with the general reaction to the Quinta de Gomariz wines. "I´m impressed" or "amazing" where some of the words that I had the chance to listen at this first day. It was worth it, I can say!
The second day was tottaly different, as we had the visit of people connected to the trade, but also educators, press, retailers, etc... Once again our table was allways with people curious to taste our wines. I believe that the fact that we´ve been doing a good job, promoting the wines in contests all around the world, and sending samples to the more important magazines, has helped to start to build Quinta de Gomariz name, and that is one of our goals! To make great wines is imperative, but you allways have to build your brand and get people to taste them, and finally to buy them. We had some educators like David Hole from the St. George´s Wine Society (St. George´s University of London), and some well known critics like Sara Ahmed (The Wine Detective) and the blogger Denise Medrano (The Winesleuth) visiting the tasting and our table, beside many importers and distributors. I was very impressed with all the great comments that we had on the wines, and that´s something very important. Maybe people remember Quinta de Gomariz next time they´ll need a Vinho Verde! I´m pretty optimistic about the possibility of finding an importer in UK.
Resuming, I believe it was a great event to promote our wines, and now we just have to wait and see if we can get to the UK market, giving all the wine lovers there, the chance to easily find some good Vinho Verde near their doors.

Till soon!

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  1. Wow, you look really professional! And cute, as always! =D
    Very well written post. And I'm glad you enjoyed being there doing what you do best. ;) I think this was a great chance for you to connect with other people in your area. I'm pretty sure you'll reach all your goals, dad!

    Maybe next time we'll go together to London!

    Ana Mendes xoxo

  2. Thank you for the kind words honey! It really was a great experience, and I really enjoyed being there. One more step, trying to get more and more involved in this fantastic world!And as I have great expectations about our work together, I KNOW that one of this days we´ll be together not only in London but everywhere!



  3. You should be aware that the Gomariz website is currently blocked to all searchers on Google, as containing malware.
    I am interested, and an importer. Contact me. oakleywine@btconnect.com